There are many vacancies for software engineers that are unsuccessful. The right information is missing and job seekers sometimes don’t see a good company, interesting projects, and employee benefits.

I am a software engineer and team leader. Furthermore, I have experience with creating vacancies and hiring software engineers. I just want to share my opinion about how a vacancy for a software engineer should look.

Mostly, it’s applied to start-ups and product companies. It’s not applied to big tech companies because with zero words in their vacancies they will have thousands of applications.

Bad Vacancies

A bad vacancy does not contain information…

I am going to tell you about my experience in a self-management team: what it is, its advantages and disadvantages. During the last year and a half, there were from 3 to 5 software engineers on my team. My initial task was to build multiple products and develop processes from scratch.

Self-management Team

In the self-management team, there is no separation of roles or specializations except for software engineers. It means front-end, back-end, infrastructure, testing, and project management is done only by engineers. Each team member participates at each iteration of the software development lifecycle: get a task, clarify requirements, write code…

Feature branch (aka deploy preview, preview app) means that a pull request is deployed as a separate instance of your application. It allows one to prevent errors and bugs as other programmers or product managers can check a feature. This article presents an approach to delete feature branches' resources in a Kubernetes cluster after its pull request is already merged to production.

Feature Branch

One way to create a feature branch in a Kubernetes cluster is to use namespaces to separate production deployment from other deployments. Production configurations may look similar to:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Namespace
name: medium-back-end
apiVersion: apps/v1…

The example of the private method and interface usage

I am a fan of the engineering design, including class members access modifiers and interfaces, but Python does not have them from the box. I have created own ones. The reference to the library on the Github is presented at the end of the article.

Class members access modifiers

They restrict access to the object’s methods and parent class methods from the child class in case of inheritance. When you call the method under the private access modifier, you get the corresponding error message. You cannot use details of the realization (as you shouldn’t get access to your car’s engine) of the class or…

An example of the widget.

A few days ago Telegram has presented a login widget for external websites. From now user has a possibility to provide his own data from his Telegram account instead of default registration. The widget looks like a button which developer can configure easily: callback or redirect system of receiving user data, size of a button, a corner radius of button and user’s avatar near a button.

I have created the reusable Django application called django-telegram-login to make implementation of Telegram login as much comfortable and fast as possible.


The following article consists of introduction to the Telegram login, explanation on…

The following article will describe debug tool called pdbe. It is a tool, that allows you to debug the whole project at once, particular application or separate files when it is needed. For example, in cases of learning how frameworks that you usually use work from the inside, or any individual abstracts like response-request life-cycle of view.


There are many situations, when you need to debug an unfamiliar project with tens of thousands of code lines, or check functions traceback as a response to the request. …

Dmytro Striletskyi

Software Engineer & Tech Lead

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